Gates & Accessories


We have a wide range of good quality ironmongery. The ironwork is available in two finishes galvanised and black. We have field gate fittings for timber and metal gates and fittings for the entrance gates.

Double strap hinge sets with gate hanger to bolt galvanised or black

Adjustable double strap hinge sets galvanised or black

Double strap bands available in 5", 12", 18" & 24"

Adjustable bottom band

Gudgeon to bolt available in 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" & 16" (19mm pin)

Gudgeon to drive 19mm pin

Gudgeon on plate 19mm pin

Cranked bands & gudgeons available in 12", 14", 16", 18" & 24"

Weighty scotch tee hinges available in 8", 12", 14", 18" & 20"

Self locking auto catch

Ring latch twisted

Brenton pad bolt

Throwover catch

Sprung loaded bar

Spring fastener set


HD gate wheel