Fencing Products

Sawn Tanalised Fencing Posts


We have a variety of sections and lengths of sawn timbers. All are pressure treated green and have a variety of uses from garden fencing to post and rail fencing, bird mouth fencing, arris fencing etc.

Items marked with an * are pointed
Items marked b/w are back weathered
Items not marked are square ended

Section Length
75mm x 75mm 1.35m* 1.5m* 1.67m* 1.8m*   2.1m* 2.4m* 3.0m 3.6m
100mm x 75mm     1.67m* 1.8m*   2.1m* 2.4m*    
100mm x 100mm       1.8m 2.0m 2.1m 2.4m 3.0m 3.6m
125mm x 75mm       1.8m* 2.0m*        
150mm x 75mm       1.8m b/w 2.0m b/w 2.1m b/w      

Tanalised Gate Corner Posts


These pressure treated green posts are ideal for hanging gates. All have a 4 way weathered top to allow the water to drain away and this adds a bit of a feature too. Alternatively these posts can be used to make bollards or in fencing.

Section Length
125mm x 125mm 2.1m    
150mm x 150mm 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m
175mm x 175mm 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m
200mm x 200mm 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m

Sawn Tanalised Fencing Rails


Pressure treated green fencing rails. Great for post and rail fencing, paddocks and path edging.

Section Length
75mm x 25mm 3.0m 3.6m
75mm x 25mm   3.6m
88mm x 32mm   3.6m
88mm x 38mm   3.6m
100mm x 25mm   3.6m
100mm x 38mm   3.6m
125mm x 25mm   3.6m
150mm x 25mm   3.6m
200mm x 25mm   3.6m

Tanalised Sawn Building Timbers


Pressure treated green timbers suitable for heavier fencing rails and great as decking joists. Can also be used to make pergolas and raised borders in gardens.

Section Length
75mm x 47mm 3.6m 4.8m
100mm x 47mm 3.6m  
150mm x 47mm 3.6m  
200mm x 47mm 3.6m  
100mm x 75mm   4.8m
125mm x 75mm   4.8m
175mm x 75mm   4.8m
225mm x 75mm   4.8m
150mm x 100mm 3.6m